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Innovative solution, entirely controlled by the powerful OXISoft™, able to provide high quality, added value information concerning oxidative stability in foods, oils and fats. The Oxitest Method is officialy recognized as International Standard Procedure AOCS Cd 12c-16.


Multiple Application

  • Prediction of the oxidative stability during shelf-life studies Tests the product at defined time intervals; builds an experimental curve
  • Evaluation of the adequacy of storage conditions
  • Evaluation of the best packaging solution
  • Comparison of the oxidative stability of different formulas for food preparations
  • Evaluation of the oxidative stability of vegetable oils of different botanical origin
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of antioxidants
  • Information on product oxidation especially useful for products with 2-4% of unsaturated fatty acids
  • Oxidative stability test of incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products


Simple & Safe Operation

  • Intuitive OXISoft™ software – easy to learn and use
  • Overpressure safety valve
  • Alarms for damaged probe and out-of-range temperature
  • Choice of language for the management software


Maximum Productivity

  • No sample preparation – works on the whole sample (fat included)
  • Twin chambers for duplicate or parallel analysis
  • Manage up to 4 OXITESTs with the same software


Versatile Data Handling

  • Data recordable in a database
  • Test comparison available with data overlays
  • Data exporting via USB to pen drive or PC
  • Output in .xls, .txt and .csv format to match reporting systems


Robust Design

  • Indestructible titanium sample holders and chambers
  • Hermetic, sealed closure of the chambers


Cloud-Enabled Instrument

  • Effortlessly connect your instrument to the cloud in complete safety
  • Real time monitoring and notification via VELP Ermes Cloud Platform
  • Immediate Software Updates (OTA)
  • Access to your data via PC, smartphone and tablet
  • Create and share reports, track trend and get useful insights


Technical Data 

Temperature range from room temp. to 120 °C
Number of oxidation chambers: 2
Capacity single chamber: up to 100 ml
Pressure range: 0 - 8 bar
Interface USB
Power 900 W
Weight 16.5 Kg (36.3 lb)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 365x190x485 mm
Overpressure safety valve
Out of range temperature: visual alarm
Damaged probe: visual alarm