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The Ultrameter III 9P, is based on the tried and tested design of the Ultrameter II. The 9P adds the ability to perform in-cell alkalinity and hardness titrations either as stand-alone measurements or as part of an LSI calculation. Alkalinity, hardness, pH and temperature values can be manipulated in the LSI calculator to predict the effect of changes on water balance. Measurements are extremely accurate. And the 9P is simple to operate and maintain.



Features and Benefits

  • Measures 9 Parameters: Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, Alkalinity, Hardness, LSI, pH, ORP/Free Chlorine, Temperature
  • LSI Calculator for hypothetical water balance calculations
  • Wireless data transfer capability with bluDock™ option
  • Autoranging delivers increased resolution across diverse applications
  • Adjustable Temperature Compensation and Cond/TDS conversion ratios for user-defined solutions
  • Nonvolatile memory of up to 100 readings for stored data protection
  • Date & time stamp makes record-keeping a snap
  • pH calibration prompts alert you when maintenance is required
  • Auto-off minimizes energy consumption
  • Low battery indicator


Range of Readings

  • Conductivity: 0–9999 µS/cm 10–200 mS/cm in 5 autoranges
  • Resistivity: 10 KΩ–30 MΩ
  • TDS: 0–9999 ppm 10–200 ppt in 5 autoranges
  • pH: 0–14 pH
  • ORP: ±999 mV
  • Free Chlorine: 0.00–10.00 ppm (5<pH<9)
  • Alkalinity Titration: 10-800 ppm
  • Hardness Titration: 0-1710 ppm 0-100 grains
  • LSI Titration: -10 to +10
  • Temperature: 0–71°C/32–160°F



Ultrameter III 9P

  • Display: 4 Digit LCD
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 196 x 68 x 64 mm/7.7 x 2.7 x 2.5 in.
  • Weight: 352 g/12.4 oz
  • Case/Cell Material: VALOX®
  • Cell Capacities(w/o cell extender): pH/ORP: 1,2 ml/0.04 oz. Cond/TDS/Res: 5ml/0.2 oz.
  • Power: 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Battery Life: 100 Hours/5000 Readings
  • Operating/Storage Temperature: 0–55°C/32–132°F
  • Protection Ratings: IP67/NEMA 6 (waterproof to 1 meter/3 feet)

Hard Carry Case Kit

  • Outer Material: ABS plastic
  • Inner Material: Foam
  • Dimensions: L x W x D: 13.6 x 10 x 5.4 in./346 x 254 x 137 mm