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  • The handwheel allows precise suction of the liquid into the pipette with one hand.
  • The handwheel which enables the suction piston is designed for easy operation by using only the thumb.
  • The handwheel ensures precise suction of fluid into the pipette, the contents can be blown out by pressing back the piston or allowed to flow out by setting the lateral switch.

Drawing the liquid

The handwheel for operating the suction piston is designed for easy operation using your thumb. When you stop the wheel, the piston remains in the desired position without any flow out of the liquid.

Dispensing the liquid

Slight pressure applied to the discharge lever opens the valve and lets the liquid flow out freely. Partial or complete volumes and small amounts can be dispensed easily by rotating the handwheel.


Colour Blue

for pipette volume 2ml

Catalogue No: 011.01.002

Colour Green

for pipette volume 10 ml

Catalogue No: 011.01.010

Colour Red

for pipette volume 25 ml

Catalogue No: 011.01.025