clear & amber automatic burettes class AS

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  • Manufactured from pre-vacuum calibrated borosilicate glass.
  • They meet the highest quality standards according to
  • DIN EN ISO 385 DIN 12700. and
  • Permanent quality control through all steps eliminate possible deviations from nominal values.
  • Calibrated to deliver (Ex) and the tolerances are according to standards. DIN/ISO Class “AS”
  • Conformity (“H”) certified, with a batch number printed on the body.
  • Batch certificate can be downloaded from our website.
  • Supplied with an intermediate PTFE stopcock to recirculate the remaining liquid.
  • Clear burettes are manufactured with schellbach stripe.
  • Inscriptions and graduations are printed with special blue enamel. For amber burettes, white enamel is usedto maximize visibility and durability.

 All automatic burettes have an intermediate PTFE stopcock which enables fast and accurate measurement.