Tube Racks with Silicon Grips

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  • Manufactured from high density ABS which is not recomended for autoclaving.
  • Rack comes as “ready” unit and no assembly required. Suitable to be used up to 16 mm diameter tubes.
  • Bottom of each tube compartment has a silicone gripping finger that holds the tube at centralised position.
  • Tubes can be inserted and extracted with a gentle push or pull to the tube.

Catalogue No: 079.11.016


Just simply hold the rack and turn it over. The tubes will not fall out since they are hold bysilicone fingers at the bottom of each tube compartment. This unique system enables easy and safe unloading of the liquids in the tubes while the tubes will not fall down.
Just simply press the bottom layer of the tube rack by two hands. The eject mechanism automaticaly releases the tubes from their positions immediately and also simultaneously.