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Single Channel Micropipettes Fully Autoclavable


High quality presicion micro pipettes for cell and culture science and all laboratories of life sciences.


Completely autoclavable at 121°C and 1.1 bar for 30 minutes for sensitive laboratory apllications.


Individually calibrated according to ISO 8655 standards and the quality certificate for accuracy and precision is provided with each pipette.


Continuos digital system for volume setting. The volume display is clearly visible at all times during operation.


It is constructed of high quality plastic and combined with stainless steel piston, thus the item is robust yet light weight.


The ergonomical, rounded hand grip and finger handle ensure comfortability and stability as well as a correct pipetting angle.


The unique design allows quick and easy volume setting with only one hand.


Built-in streamlined tip elector enables easy tip ejection and allows access to narrow neck volumetric flasks and to the bottom of the tubes.