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Mechanically operated, single channel pipette for fixed volume of 250 µl with a soft comfort grip. It is a fully autoclavable instrument for easy sterilization. Its’ ultra light-weight and ergonomic design enhances ease of use and efficiency. It’s an ideal pipette for effortless operation and offers exceptional accuracy, safety and precision. The ambidextrous (both hand operations) design makes working more comfortable and user friendly. The soft operating knob helps reducing the repetitive strain injury (RSI). Color coding for easy volume identification. Calibrated in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and supplied with individual QC and calibration reports as per ISO 8655.

  • Chemically resistant, shock proof tip cone
  • Comfortable grip and optimal distance to tip cone
  • Two step plunger action allows for reverse pipetting techniques
  • Made with specially engineered plastic to prevent body heat transfer, which results in higher accuracy
  • Easily implemented recalibration mechanism
  • The ideal shaft structure helps in dispensing liquids in narrow or deep tubes
  • Fatigue-free working with convenient finger rest
  • Resistant to UV radiation
  • Compatible with most universal pipette tips
  • In house cleaning, repair and calibration possible without any special tools








Technical Data

Design Air displacement piston-operated pipette
Handling mechanical
Volume fix
Volume display yes
Number of channels 1
Volume 250 µl
Certificate of conformity according to DIN EN ISO 8655 yes
Re-calibration possible yes
Blow-Out Function yes
Tip ejection yes
Autoclavable yes
Colour Code Blue
Test volume 1 250 µl
Inaccuracy test volume 1 0.6 ±%
Imprecision test volume 1 0.2 ±%
IVD certificated no
ISO 17025 no
UV-Resistant yes
Calibration / IDN pipette tip 4698400
Permissible ambient temperature 15 - 30 °C
Permissible relative humidity 50 %
Ident. No. 4394800



B1000G, IKA LINEA 3, R1000G, R1000GS, R1000GL, R1000GF, R1000GSL, R1000GSF, R1000GLF, R1000GSLF, T1000G, T1000GS, T1000GL, T1000GSL, B1250E, R1250E, R1250ES, R1250GSF, T1250E, IKA Pipette Calibration Software, B1000GL.