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Titrate the easy way - with the FORTUNA® OPTIFIX® titrier.

Titrations are the routine tasks in the laboratory. This requires, in particular, accurate reading of the dispensed volume. Conventional titrations are performed with glass burettes. With FORTUNA® OPTIFIX® titrier it ismuch easier. It needs only a little space and can be operated without electricity. The metered volume is read to two decimal places.


  • The OPTIFIX® titrier works precisely
    The Poulten & Graf titration device is produced in accordance with ISO Standard 8655 and comes with a Certificate of Conformity. The resolution is 0.01 ml, the accuracy is + / - 0.6% and the tolerance + / - 0.2%.
    The large number of light-sensitive liquids has led us to the decision to offer the POLYFIX® Dispenser with a brown glass cylinder coated with PP.
  • The OPTIFIX® titrier offers long-life
    In the OPTIFIX titrier the dosing liquid is only in contact with glass and PTFE. We do not use metal springs in the valve block system. Thus, even strong acids, alkalis and corrosive media can be titrated. By using an amber glass cylinder one can clearly see the liquid as it is being dosed.
  • The OPTIFIX® titrier is flexible
    The dosing cylinder has a capacity of 50 ml, if larger volumes are to be measured, you can easily switch between 'titration' and 'filling'. The setting can be increased to 99.99 ml. The device is designed for left or right hand operation.